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Arumdaun Nara Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Chief Director
Sang-jun Lee, MD

“Core thread lifting is a 1.5-hour procedure without general anesthesia and it’s a Korean beauty skin program to improve wrinkles, elasticity and skin texture for younger appearance.”

Q: What are the most popular anti-aging procedures among international patients who visit Gangnam?
Uthera, Thermage and core thread lifting are non-surgical anti-aging procedures that are popular. Ulthera and Thermage procedures use ultrasound and high frequency treatment to tighten skin and regenerate collagen to treat wrinkles. Core thread lifting uses a specially designed thread to create a facial contour. Non-surgical procedures are evolving as Profound Plus and Tune Eyes lifting methods have been introduced.
Q: What is the difference between filler and Botox, and where are they most commonly used on? How effective are they? Why is it important to choose a specialist?
The filler treatment uses calcium and hyaluronic acid to add volume and it shows an immediate effect compared to Botox. Meanwhile, Botox treatment uses botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze the muscle and stop the movement. It is used for square jaw reduction, nasolabial fold and rhinoplasty. Fillers should be used with anatomical knowledge to avoid blood vessels, while Botox treatment should be performed considering the amount of muscle.
Q: What is core thread lifting procedure that is popular as a non-surgical way to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity?
Core thread lifting is a procedure that uses a specially designed thread to lift the skin and add a volume to parts needed due to loss of fat or bones, and it adds definition to facial contours. Along with Ulthera and Thermage treatments, it can be customized based on the degree of aging, facial structure, and skin conditions.
Q: Which procedure of filler or Botox is best for Asian and Caucasian faces considering their different characteristics?
The difference between Asian and Caucasian standards of ideal beauty is the jawline. Caucasians tend to prefer higher cheekbones and a more angled jawline. On the other hand, Asians like a slender V-shaped jawline and choose Botox to slim down the jawline and fillers to reduce cheekbones. The filler treatment for nose bridge augmentation is popular only among Asians.
In terms of eyebrow filler, for Caucasians it’s better to inject it on forehead to elevate the edge of eyebrows and for Asians the injection should be applied to make flat and straight eyebrows that would match aesthetically.

Sculptra: Collagen-Promoting Injections for Natural Volume

Sculptra is a collagen injection approved by the FDA in 2003 for the treatment of facial fat loss in people with AIDS. It is suitable to recover facial volume by boosting collagen production in the body.
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