Walking Tour Courses Near Seomun Market

1. Gyeongsang-gamyeong Dalseong-gil

(3.25km / approx. 2.5 hrs)

Daegu, a city of history, resembles a tree with deep roots. You can get a glimpse of what the city looked like in the past as you visit various historic sites and learn the origin of the word Dalgubeol (former name of the city). Understand the city’s past as the administrative center during the Joseon Dynasty and its commercial development into the modern era.

  • Course:
  • Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park → Daegu Modern History Museum → Hyangchon-dong, Hyangchon Cultural Center → Bukseong-ro Street → Chongro Elementary School (Choe Je-u Tree) → Dalseomun Gate Site → Birth Home of Yi Sang-hwa → Site of Samsung Trading Company → Dalseong Park
2. Modern Culture Alley

(1.64km / approx. 2 hrs)

You can find traces of the city’s dynamic modern culture as you walk along the alleys. Places visited on this course show the passion and wisdom of Koreans: Samilmanseundong-gil Alley, where Koreans joined the independence movement under Japanese colonialism; Kyesan Catholic Church, reflecting modern culture; and Yangnyeongsi Market boasting a 400 year-old history.

  • Course:
  • Dongsan Cheongna Hill → Samilmanseundong-gil Alley → Kyesan Catholic Church → House of Yi Sanghwa and House of Seo Sang-don → Mulberry Tree Alley → Yangnyeongsi Market → Museum of Oriental Medicine → Yeongnam-daero → Jong-ro → Jingolmok Alley → Overseas Chinese Elementary School
3. Fashion Hanbang-gil Road

(2.65km / approx. 2 hrs)

In the past Daegu was known for its herbal medicine market and known in more recent times for its textile and jewelry industries. Visit Jewelry Town where the jewelry is directly manufactured and sold; Yakjeon Alley, the location of Yangnyeongsi Market (the largest herbal medicine market in Korea); and Dongseongno Street, the main strip of downtown Daegu.

  • Course:
  • Gyodong Jewelry Street → Jewelry Town → Dongseongno Street → Namseongno Yakjeon Alley (Yangnyeongsi Market) → Seomun Market
Daegu City Tour – Nightscape Course

Choose the nightscape course if you want to enjoy romantic nightscape in the city as you visit major tourist attractions onboard the city tour bus.

  • Summer (April to October):
    • Sinnam Station → Kim Gwangseok-gil Street → Apsan Observatory → Suseongmot Pond → Sinnam Station
  • Winter (November to March):
    • Sinnam Station → Kim Gwangseok-gil Street → E-World 83 Tower → Cheongna Hill → Sinnam Station
  • Platform:
    • Take a city tour bus in front of exit 2 of Sinnam Station.
  • 18:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Daegu Tourism Association +82-53-627-8900
  • www.daegucitytour.com
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