Attractive! The largest night market in Korea that looks renewed every night

This is the largest night market in Korea and it is a paradise for hungry souls, offering a variety of foods. Plus, you can buy uniquely designed handmade items here. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience exciting cultural events as well as hands-on experience events.

  • HOURS:
    • March to November (Sunday to Thursday 19:00-23:30 | Friday and Saturday 19:00-24:00)
    • December to February (Sunday to Thursday 19:00-22:30 | Friday and Saturday 19:00-23:00)
Food Heaven

Seomun Night Market is a food heaven, where you can taste local specialties (leaf-shaped dumplings, grilled beef entrails, spicy fish cake), foreign foods (barbecued ribs, pad thai, Hong Kong-style beef jerky) as well as fusion items (short rib patty steak with cheese, stir-fried rice cake in cream sauce).

Exciting Performances

You can see some exciting performances (B-boying, busking, etc.) as you walk around the night market while enjoying some tasty snacks. Plus, VR-experiences, hands-on experience events, and the photo zone will add joy to your experience.

Cutting-edge Art

Stylish modern art combined with the lively market creates a unique style of art. Don’t forget to check out the media façade found on the wall of the multi-story car park; and the wonderful media art displayed on the awnings.

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