Tasty! Enjoy must-try food items at Seomun Market

The joy of eating is not to be missed here. Many hallyu stars also visit Seomun Market to try the local foods.

1. Food Town (food court)

The underground food town in Zone 2 attracts visitors with an abundance of food ranging from Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western style foods to snacks. In particular, handmade pork cutlets, sushi, noodles and handmade dough soups, plus spicy seafood stews are popular. Furthermore, several cafes in the zone sell tasty desserts.

“Food Town is a newly opened restaurant center. Visit a café and take a break while enjoying a cup of coffee.”

2. Kalguksu (Noodle Soup) Street

The alley between Zone 1 and 4 has an array of stalls selling noodle soups. Take a seat on the wooden bench in front of the stalls and order kaljebi (a noodle & handpulled dough soup), and the food will be served in less than five minutes. You can add some spicy sauce depending on your preference.

“The chewy kaljebi served in a warm rich broth is quite superb!”

3. Food Alley

If you want a hearty meal, rather than a snack, visit the food alley near Premium Plaza. You can find restaurants selling grilled fish, braised spicy short ribs, hot pots and stews served with tasty side dishes.

“Braised spicy short ribs served with the savory rich soybean paste stew is a real rice thief!”

4. Boribap (Barley Rice) Street

Boribap Alley stands behind the large multi-story car park. Mix a bowl of barley rice with various kinds of fresh vegetable salad, sesame oil and some sweet & spicy red chili paste, then all will be right in the world.

“Barley rice mixed with fresh vegetable salad is a wonderful wholesome dish!”

5. Snack Street

Diverse street foods add joy to your shopping experience. You can choose from a variety of options such as steady sellers (stir-fried rice cakes, blood sausages, deep-fried platters, fish cake, gimbap) or some local specialties (sugar and nut filled griddlecakes, short rib patty skewers, triangle-shaped dumplings).

“The tasty and affordable snacks will please your palate.”

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